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FanKick is fun app, which enable fans to get together, express themselves, explore like minded, hang out and win fancoins for each and every interaction.

Core features

Seeing is believing! If you navigate deep into the app this is how it looks! Just mouse over the blinking icons & Voila! You get to know what are our flagship features! Download the app, create your profile & just accelerate your fan experience!


Fanclubs help resolve fans’ lost paradise! As a fan you can create & design your own fan clubs and discuss, debate on various fan related issues with the members of other fan clubs. You can build your own fan communities!

  • Fan Clubs

What’s a fandom without fan clubs? Create fan clubs and celebrate your love for your favorites. Connect with fellow fans, discuss, share and celebrate your fandom.
  • Fan Coins

Get paid for being a fan. We reward you for being the ultimate fan. Earn fan coins for every activity like play contests, like, comment, share & refer a friend.
  • Fan Events

Be the ultimate fan! Create some engaging events and run across the fan clubs. Get noticed across, win fan coins & flaunt your fan status.
  • Fan Of The Month

Play challenges, invite other fandom mates to play, win and gather fan coins and you can grab the coveted fan of the month title.

Download APP

App is avaliable for android and iphone