FanKick - Fans Ka Adda

  • Published Date: 13 Dec 2017
  • Author: Sweta Kondavalasa
  • Category: Entertainment

Does the name of your favorite celebrity sends shiver down your spine? Everytime you see your favorite tv show or favorite sport you want to scream your lungs out? Are you bitten by the bug called fanism?

If the answer to the above question is yes then you need to head to FanKick - your one stop shop for all your entertainment needs. Here the celebrity entertainment is more than just gossip & run of the mill movie reviews.

FanKick app - All about Celebs, Stars, Movies, Sports & Rewards!

FanKick app is a complete entertainment package. You can create fanclubs, invite your friends, play & win celebrity trivia, partake in exciting Fun 2 win challenges on Bollywood quiz, dub 2 win movie challenges to win shopping vouchers & movie tickets. We are spread across the genres movies, sports, music & TV; name it and you have it all.

It’s an entertainment app where users can generate fan content. You can jot down 5 ways of how to create fan content. You can bond with fellow fans, challenge them to be on top leaderboard, pin your favorite celebrities and create a unique world of fan and fandom!

Come and explore the unique world of fans, fandoms and entertainment.